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  • For referral related questions call Fox Rehabilitation Customer Care team at 877-407-3422


With FOX Rehabilitation’s online ordering portal, you’ll be able to create and send accurate, trackable referrals and plan-of-care orders. Whether your office sends 1 order or 1000 treatment referrals, your patients will enjoy a smooth process with coordinated care. There is no software to download, and signing up is easy.


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A Better Way to Order Treatment for Your Patients

When you use our online portal to send referrals and plan-of-care orders you have convenient, 24/7 access to us, to our services, and to your healthcare community. You’ll be able to send treatment referrals for your patients, track the progress of your referrals, and create a network of providers that improves your practice.

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Referral for Service & Patient Clearance 

If you are a healthcare provider requesting services, FOX Rehabilitation’s customer care team verifies eligibility, obtains insurance authorization and provides financial clearance.

  • Service Requests: Our online portal enables you to send requests for service on behalf of your patients.


  • Patient Clearance: FOX Rehabilitation accepts many major health plans and Medicare. We will handle insurance verification and financial eligibility for new patients.
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Plan-of-Care Orders for FOX Rehabilitation

If you are a physician ordering services for your patient, FOX will work with you to determine the right course of treatment for your patient.

  • Easy, Streamlined Orders: Create a complete, accurate and plan-of-care order with just a few clicks of your mouse.


  • Secure Document Exchange: Attach H&P, care plans and other documents so providers have the information they need to deliver the best patient care.